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Daniel James Peach

Daniel James Peach was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and grew up in Greenfield, Indiana. He has attended Cornerstone Baptist Academy since K-5. He graduated in 2015, and spent a semester at Montana Wilderness School of the Bible. After coming back, he began work at a local restaurant in Greenfield. He has since taken a job at Sutton-Garten, Co., where he plans to work while he attends IUPUI for the next four years, majoring in business at the IUPUI Kelley School of business. He also enjoys website development and other coding in his free time, as well as occasionally hunting and basketball.

Rachel Verina Brown

Rachel Verina Brown was born on Travis Air Force base in Fairfield, California but grew up in central Indiana. She attended several public and Christian schools before she ended up at Cornerstone Baptist Academy. She too graduated in 2015, although as the salutatorian of her class. After highschool, Rachel took a gap year, beginning work at Vernon Petri & Associates, a law firm located on the southeast side of Indianapolis. She is currently attending IUPUI, majoring in Tourism, Conventions & Event Management. In her free time she enjoys crocheting, crafting, and baking during the holidays.

Our Story

Rachel and I met for the first time in 6th grade, when she first came to Cornerstone. During our school years, it seemed we were always either flirting or fighting, and many times both. Regardless, we always had fun together, however, we never dated each other during high school. During senior year, we started to admit that we may be interested in being more than friends, and our senior trip gave us plenty of time to talk and hang out. Towards the end of the trip I told Rachel how much I loved flirting with her and spending time together, and I didn’t want it to end when high school ended. Even though she would be working and I would be going to Montana in the fall, we decided to give it a shot. That summer was a blast, and when I left for Montana (MWSB), we continued to stay in touch. We wrote back and forth, and would stay on the phone for hours talking. When I returned, she and my mom surprised me at the train station! I worked at a few places while she continued to stay on at a law firm and go to school. I proposed at a couple’s painting session (video) on my birthday this last fall. Now I work at a company downtown with her father, and we will both be attending IUPUI in the fall. We look forward to the summer as we plan to get married and buy a house together soon. Our wedding is look forward to celebrating with friends and family. We hope to see you then!

Meet the Wedding Party


Eddie Baker

Highschool Friend

Wesley Peach

Brother of the Groom

Jalyn Johnson

Highschool Friend

John Peach

Father of Groom


Sydney Fogle

College Friend

Meghan Ziegler

College Friend

Jasmine Davison

Sister of the Bride

Abby Ridenour

Highschool Friend

Victoria Vail

Highschool Friend

Our Official Announcer!

Silas Dewitt

Polite Requests

Due to requirements by the church and the wishes of the couple, please observe the following requests on our big day!

  • Please help us respect the church by refraining from any running, mischief, or horseplay
  • There cannot be any smoking in or on the premises of the church grounds
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden on church property and is enforced by the church
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • The church prohibits flash photography during the wedding ceremony


Below is a list of vendors and family and friends who have made our special day possible!

  • Cake: Karen Jolliff
  • Catering: Cindy Chastain
  • Flowers: Carla Sturm
  • Engagement Photos: Jade Ashley
  • Photography: The Pros, Domenic C.
  • Videography: The Pros, Andy T.
  • Master of Ceremony: The Pros, Chase J.
  • Venue: North United Methodist Church


Even if you are not planning to attend, please RSVP anyway.


Head Count:




If you have any questions, email us here, or call us.

Daniel's Number: (317) 661-7899


Daniel and Rachel are registered at the following places


Ceremony: North United Methodist Church at 2:30 pm

Reception: To follow downstairs at the church

North United Methodist Church, 3808 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208